Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arrived in Christchurch today and for some weird reason I thought it would be great if we went horse riding WHAT WAS I THINKING when I booked that tour. The stomach started churning as we approached our horses nooooooo Jen not a good idea. Ok just get on the damn thing and smile smile smile. Ok so far so good we are on the horse AND we have made it out of the gate. We travel down this gravel path with tree's along both sides so my horse decides it time for a snack so out of order we go and head for the nearest tree " Jenny pull the rein to the right and give him a little dig in the sides" yeah right easier said than done. Quite frankly if Noble wants to eat let him I say but alas he is not suppose to so eventually we get back in line only to have the little bugger go to the other side and start munching so we start the process all over again. Finally we continue along our merry way to the river bank. The water is sooooo beautiful the river is called "Waimakiriri" it comes down from the mountains and is that green/bluey colour. We start riding along the riverbank and dear old Noble's eye start twitching to the left oh great whats up this time. On the river bank is a big orange kite and low and behold the horses have not seen one before so this makes Noble a bit nervous. The guide asked the guys if they could leave it on the ground whilst the horses are close but that is not good enough for dear old Noble. He decides he wants to put a bit of distance between him and the kite so he starts to prance around and carry on I scream or swear very loudly can't quite remember but I just pulled on those reins till he stood still. GET ME OFF THIS MANIAC HORSE. We manage to get back to the stables without further incident I was just relieved to be off the wretched thing lol. Our next adventure was jet boating WOW what a scream that was. We could'nt believe how shallow the water was in some places I mean I am talking about a couple of inches if that. The weather was fantastic and riding in the jet boat was the perfect ending to an interesting day. We actually did not get a chance to see the actual city of Christchurch today so we will just have to come back again. Our "poltergeist" is still banging around so sleeping is hit and miss some nights. The maintenance people keep trying to sort out the problem so hopefully the banging will finally cease. On to Wellington

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