Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There’s a chill in the air – Tuesday 3rd February, 2009

Ah the shorts are being replaced by jeans and jumpers. we are getting close and of course the weather has turned to crap. We did the same thing today as we did yesterday so no use repeating it. I will say that I am surprised at the number of frail looking elderly people that are on board. This is just #NOF city waiting to occur. I do like having all the oldies around it makes me feel young mind you I am huffing and puffing like most of them I am sometimes tempted to pinch their oxygen. Yeah yeah my fault and I know what I have to do. Tonight was a right disaster with the sleeping arrangements it felt like we had a poltergeist somewhere near us as all I could hear was doors slamming and then at some stage during the night it felt like a coal train was passing beneath us the noise was so loud I tried to whinge to Ed but of course after 8 beers he was'nt real interested so I decided to go to the pursers desk and try and see if we could get transferred to another room as the boat is not at full capacity. Alas no joy there ship might not be at capacity but the rooms where all taken with a lot of individual travelers don't these people realize I need my beauty sleep I mean A LOT of beauty sleep. The night manager even sent a little Indian man down with me to our cabin so that he could try and hear the noises. That's great me bringing home a strange man to our cabin and whispering to him not to stand on my husband who was sleeping on a mattress on the floor (that's another story) yeah lot of good that did. finally got off the sleep about 4am which was really 1am Brisbane time only to be woken at 6am which was 3am Brisbane time because we were about to enter Milford Sound. Ah but that story is tomorrow.

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