Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holy crap what happen to the weather it is absolutely freezing this morning. AAAAHHHHHH but what a morning. Today we officially started our tour of NZ. We arrived at Milford Sound about 7ish the wind was blowing a gale and it was a wind that just chilled you to the bone. But the views of Milford were so worth it. What a gorgeous place. Once we entered the sound the wind died down and not a ripple on the water could be seen. The only thing to be heard was the low rumbling of the ships engine. I can only imagine what a spectacular sight the Pacific Sun made travelling up Milford Sound. The sun came up over the mountain and it turned into a glorious day, chilly but gorgeous. In Milford we had to enter and exit talk about turning the ship on a postage stamp that was highly impressive onya Captain Philpot. Once we exited Milford we went seaward again for a bit then into Thompson Sound. Thompson Sound lead into Doubtful Harbour which in turn took us seaward again then we entered Dusky Sound in the afternoon. We sailed through Dusky Sound and by early evening continued our journey onwards to Dunedin.


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