Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paddling Across The South Pacific Monday 2nd February, 2009

Day 2 finds us a bit overcast with a slight chill in the air. Yet another late start to the day we seemed to have found our pattern. We mossied around the ship, had a chat with Ugly Dave Gray, did our quiz sat about and read sent an email mind you it cost me $13 just to do that as the internet is via Satellite. Thought about everyone back home and hoping everything is ok. Hope you girls are behaving yourselves with Lisa. Ed continues to gamble on roulette and winning I continue to gamble on the pokies and losing. Ed bought me a gold (not real gold) charm bracelet watch that I absolutely love now I just have to talk him into the matching necklace. We go each day up to the duty free shop and pick a new perfume and cologne to try for the evening – yeah I know rather pathetic but hey we smell good. I wander through the art gallery admiring some rather beautiful pieces I am hoping that Ed will say how about we get that Nechita (she is the modern day Picasso and is extremely famous) but I won't hold my breath. I am working my way through the cocktail list and having regular Nana naps in the afternoon. Unfortunately sleeping at night has become a big problem for me and it does not help by having dinner at 830pm. Each night they take an hour off us so that we gradually swap to NZ time. More tomorrow

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