Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Day Dawns Sunday 1st February 2009

No early start today. So much for promises of getting up at dawn and doing everything. It went "whats the time" "0640" "too early" "ok" "whats the time "0930" "damn better get out" and so the day began. We had a nice big cooked breakfast then went off to the quiz. We found some quiz partners 2 older couples and did fairly well we organized to meet for the afternoon quiz and that was the start of our daily routine. After quiz it was time to hit the decks and take advantage of the nice weather so we slipped slopped slapped and went and found a couple of deck chairs and settled in for a nice snooze in the sun. Oh dear someone did'nt quite slip slop slap properly and ended up with sunburnt upper legs (yes me). Tonight is formal night so out came the tummy,butt,thigh, waist, hip tuck in torture suit. Let me tell you never try and squeeze your body into lycra with sunburnt legs. It is not an experience one wants to go through too often. After another wonderful dinner it was entertainment time and tonight it was none other than "Ugly Dave Gray" he was quite funny and has not really changed too much over the years. After that it was time to GET THIS BODY OUT OF THE LYRCA. Once I was rid of the wretched lycra it was back to the casino to be once again entranced by the colours, bells, and that ever elusive 15 free games call of the poker machine. Eddie went and tried his luck with his "special" roulette strategy – which is actually working very nicely for him. Unfortunately my strategy of crossing my fingers and talking to the machine did not work and I lost another $10. Oh well better luck next time.

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