Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's the day today's the day. All aboard the Pacific Sun for a 14 day cruise to the land of the "long white cloud" – New Zealand. Wonderful mummy dropped us off at the port of Brisbane where we boarded the revamped Pacific Sun. I love the thrill of embarking on a journey everything is so wonderful and exciting. Once we boarded we could'nt wait to find our cabin. Because we booked a special kind of cabin they did not give us a room number so we had to wait till we boarded. I was hoping that we would get upgraded to a really nice cabin but as we headed down level after level I knew we were'nt going to get the luxurious first class cabin and as we headed to the front of the boat my hopes soared again when it appear that maybe we would be getting an outside cabin with a window - Nope no window. When we found our cabin right up the front of the boat we were actually quite surprised the cabin space was bigger than all the previous cruises we had been on. Granted there was still the bunk beds but we were use to that. So all in all it was a very comfortable cabin and it would do nicely as our home for the next 2 weeks.. Back up top it was time for the drinking to begin and wait for the tell tale sound of the horn that would tell us that it was time to leave the Port and sail away. Looking around at all the people on the boat I began to notice a common theme, wheel chairs and oxygen tanks holy cow it looked like all the retirement villages in Brisbane had converged on the Pacific Sun for their annual holiday. It was quite good actually because I felt young and a live and did not have to spend the whole holiday staring at all those young chicks with their perky boobs and gorgeous figures the bummer part was that there was no real eye candy-oh well. Finally after an hours delay the horn sounded and the last rope was cast off and we were underway. Ok now what to do we have said good-bye to Brisbane and we were headed for Caloundra were we would say goodbye to our "pilot" then we turned east then south and headed for New Zealand we would be at sea till Wednesday morning when we cruised through Milford Sound. Back on deck the sail away party was in full swing. By now we'd had a few drinks and I was starting to feel the "rhythm of the beat" it was Congo Line time. "Here Ed hold my drink I'ma gunna Congo" da da da da daaaaaa DA da da da da daaaaaaaa DA.. That was fun and low and behold I managed to get myself on video doing a very bad congo dance. We went to dinner and met our dining companions for the next 2 week and low and behold one couple came from our suburb AND knew someone I worked with who would of figured. As usual dinner was absolutely superb. After dinner we went to the Casino and Ed started playing roulette with his specially design strategy. Me I just headed off to feed the pokies. After finishing at the casino we settled in bed and lights out I close my eyes only to have them forced open with and almighty BANG. Holy shit what was that did we hit a whale or something is this going to be a replay of the Titanic if so were the hell is Leo to rescue me instead of snoring Ed. Then again BANG oh no it was no whale. It was the waves hitting against the bow of the boat oh DAMN was'nt this going to be fun. When the waves were crashing against the bow you could hear the water lapping against the boat it sounded like it was right underneath us. Thank goodness for the sway of the ship it was liked being rocked in a cradle and soon the waves were a distant sound and the excitement of the day faded away as sleep became my new best friend.


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