Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home of the “Cake Tin” – Wellington, Saturday 7th February, 2009

Welcome to Wellington the capital of NZ. Today is another beautiful day and we are taking the city tour. We took a cable car ride then went out to Mt Victoria for beautiful 360 degree views of this pretty city. As we were going through the city we noticed a lot of people in costumes and as the day wore on more and more people were wearing costumes. We did not quite understand why till some one said that the Rugby 7's was on and the Kiwi's were playing that afternoon in the stadium that was right next to the Ship. The stadium is nick-named "the Cake Tin" for obvious reasons – it looks like a cake tin – lol. It was a fantastic site to behold. There were people everywhere and in such high spirits. Mind you a lot of people did not quite make it to the stadium but they seemed perfectly happy just wondering the streets going from pub to pub. Poor Kiwi's lost in the final seconds to the Pommie's . Tomorrow is a cruise day as we travel up to Tauranga.