Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We arrived in Dunedin about 8am and no expense was spared on the weather. What a glorious day. This is the first day since we left that we have touched land. Ed went on his Speights Beer Tour and I went out to the Otago Peninsular to see seals and penguins. We arrived at Natures Wonders Naturally which is set high on a hill over looking the ocean with gorgeous views N,S,E &W. We got our special jackets on then jumped in the 8 wheeled quads and set out to see the seals. OH DAMN did not quite understand about driving in the Argo's I thought just a nice little drive around the property stopping to see the sites BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was not the case we drive uphill and down dale over things underthings we spun round in circles I HATE 4 X 4 driving so you can imagine my horror at 8 X 8 driving and the more I cringed and squealed and swore as we bounced over obstacles the more our driver enjoyed my dismay (bastard lol) but the sight of seeing the seal colony made up for everything. It was one of the most amazing sites so of course my camera went beserk I am sure I had one seal doing posers for me (lol) next stop after going up what I felt was the equivalent of that street in San Francisco that goes up down up down then up up up then down down down was Penguin Beach and low and behind there was one tiny penguin all by himself thank god for zoom lenses. Back to the ship we went and arrived at the same times as Ed's beer tour. Good grief maybe sending him on a beer tour by himself was not the best idea lol but he enjoyed it and that is what this holiday is all about. Ed is still plodding along with his roulette strategy and I am plodding along with my feeding of the poker machines lol. Next stop is Christchurch.


have to go sightseeing will put up some more soon.