Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yay its been its gone. Now if I could just find my sanity life will be back to normal. CHRISTMAS IS OVER FOR ANOTHER YEAR. It was'nt as bad as I thought. We had a great family christmas eve except the "girls" did not appear to be overly thrilled lol and Ed and I did not get out of bed till midday on christmas day just in time for me to go to work. Scored pretty well off Santa. and the girls scored pretty good as well. Grace's favourite toy (which she got for christmas) is now the "mooing" cow that she carries around the house.Anyway what I really wanted to post about is the latest "trick" my son has mastered on his bike. Its no wonder I have grey hair anyway have a look and let me know your thoughts lol.

Some good news on the Freyer front she has finally broken up with the "dead beat" and has moved on. Her current "beau" is a lovely guy named Will. Ed, Kylie and I like him alot. He is 23 and also has full care of his 3 year old son Chayse who is just the most delightful little guy who absolutely loves Milly. Now you may be thinking how the hell is Freyer going to deal with a boyfriend AND child well she will just have to. As we all know she is very strong minded so she will find a way to deal with the situation. The 3 of them are actually moving up to Redcliffe this weekend. Yes she is still only 17 well she will be 18 on the 24th january but she nows what she wants and by hell nothing will stand in her way of getting it so we just let her go and keep an eye on things from the sideline. Well thats about it till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to their upright position and have a nice day"


Katie said...

Hi Jen! Love those Christmas pics with the girls! Glad you had a good Christmas, chat soon!

Sandra said...

Glad Freyer is happy, I hope it all goes well for her.
I bet the girls were thorougherly spoilt for Chrissy, looks like they had a relaxing day.
Layout and cards look great.
Off to check out the girls blog.

Carole Janson said...

Jen I just had to laugh when I saw Gracie in all the papers, and she looked warn out lol !!

I hope you have a wonderful 2009, and thankyou for putting Lauren and I up we had the best time.

Carole xx

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Jen - if you have grey hair we would understand - great trick!! Looks like Grace had a wonderful Christmas - all tuckered out. Hope things work out for Freyer this time.

Lauren said...

Hay Jen,

There's dye for greay hair so don't stress, boys will be boys. Lucky your a nurse! lol!!

The girls look buggered they muct have had a busy christmas too.

Fingers are crossed here the Jett's done the dead and Dayz will give us some little beagles in a few weeks.

Lauren x

Leone said...

Howdy stranger, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, we must catch up again, it's been ages! I'm a lady of leisure now (not working) so I'm free whenever. Drop me a line.