Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hello friends. Well I have finally decided what to do about getting a dog. For months I have been bebating about getting a dog. (you know how sad it was when I lost the birds) so I have been worrying about what I would do if I lost a dog. But I so want a new companion and Ed just won't lay at my feet and let me walk him with a leash lol so a couple of months ago I found out about GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) this is where all ex-racer go unless their owners take them out and shoot them when their racing career is over. But before they can become pets they have to be "de-programmed" and that is where "foster parents" come in. You get a dog (everything supplied by GAP) and basically you teach them how to adapt to becoming a pet like letting them inside the house, teaching them to walk up and down stairs, introducing them to glass doors yes they will keep trying to walk through it and all other things that normal dogs take for granted but because a greyhound is a "business" dog it has no idea how act as a "pet" so for 4-6 weeks that will be my job yahhhhh I finally get to use my "clinical education" certificate even though it will be on a dog instead of students. This way I will find out once and for all if I am a "doggy" person if I find that I am getting attached and want to keep the dog then I put the paperwork in for the adoption. so I feel I am on a win win situation if it does not work out then I just give the dog back. A lady is coming around next tuesday to 'interview" me so hopefully in the near future I am going to be a "mummy" again. If you are intersted this is the website for GAP check it out it is really intersting Greyhound Adoption Program
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JUNE 15TH 2008

Well another birthday has been and gone. On June 15th I turned 42 it was a nice day I got lots of presents like my new travel album for my europe album I am doing at the moment and have nearly finished. I got the new "big Bite" from cropadile and I had a Stampin Up party with friends from work and my scrapping community. Also on Sunday morning one of my most dearest friend Donna came down and we had morning tea. Donna and I don't see that much of each other these days but we were practically inseparable when we we younger I have know the family all my life. I am one of the truly lucky ones who has that life time friend she will always be an important part of my life whether we see each other once a year or once a decade she is never far from my mind. Her first child Alex is only 3 days older than Andrew so we even went through our pregnancy together. I stopped at one but Don went on to have 3 more kids

On Friday the 13th I had a Pajama party at Scrapbook City It was soooo much fun with Ronnie, Milly, Terri, Debbie, Sue, Kerri, Niss and Anne one of our other regular Friday night scrappers Sandra was unable to attend because the lucky bugger is in Italy for 2 months. So all in all if was a good weekend. Dad and Joy came up from Laurieton for a visit. Dad has gone up to the Sunshine coast to visit friends and Joy has gone up to Townsville to see her grandchildren from her son Geoff. Geoff is still in Iraq at the moment hopefully he will be home safe and sound soon. Mum had minor hiccup that landed her a Logan Hospital ED on Friday night then we took a trip to Sunnybank Private for some more test but everything turned out OK so I bought her home about Lunch time on Saturday. Poor ole Aunt Aino (pronounced eye-na)has had more surgery this time she had a herniated disc in her back so back to the Mater Private for her I keep telling her so is collecting frequent patient points that is now 3 trips to the Mater Private in about 12 months well done aunt lol. Anyway I will leave you with some piccys

So till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to their upright position and have a nice day"

On Thursday 12th of June, mum received and award at parliament house for her contribution she has made over the last 25 years to kidney transplant patients. It was an honour she so deserved especially as she will be retiring soon so mum this post is for you, your family are so proud of you, congratulations

We proudly honour these inspirational
Kidney Health Australia 'Angels'

Our program was set up to honour and recognise the work carried out by hundreds of people daily in hospitals and medical clinics to assist over 14,000 Australians remain alive on dialysis and transplantation. It also recognises the commitment of family, friends and work colleagues of kidney patients.

Dialysis and transplantation are the primary treatment options but there is no cure for kidney disease. The continuing shortfall in the supply of kidney donors, and simultaneous 6% increase in people on dialysis, is an alarming trend which may result in even more deaths among those waiting for a transplant.

In celebration of Kidney Health Australia's 40th Anniversary, we will be honouring 40 individuals around Australia