Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hello friends
Well what has been happening. lets see. Freyer moved in which I told you about last time then 2 weeks later she moved out and went to live with the boyfriend or should I say FIANCE. yes yes I know. but at least she is still out of hospital and is doing well. Bruce the father magpie has chased off (I think) the male baby magpie whinny, So now I just have the 3 of them. Ralph is doing fine it appears that he has made the leukamia for years and is just know starting to be symptomatic. The doctors are just going to watch him for the time being. Aunt's surgery went well and she has recovered nicely from that. Andrew had a fall at work in january and had been complaining about a sore wrist for ages. Being the great mother that I am I just ignored him as it did not seem to stop him from riding his bike anyway I finally got an xray and it showed no fractures just a ganglion on his wrist so my GP sent us to an orthopaedic speacialist, he had one look at the xray and said that Andrew had a fractured scaphoid (fractured wrist bone) so ended up in plaster the day before we left for Gladstone at easter am I a bad mother or what lol. the plaster came off on Thursday and it has healed nicely. Well it is only 4 more sleeps till Scrapbook City Retreat. We are all like little kids hopping up and down and clapping our hands. We're all so excited. Scrapbook City do the best retreats. A couple of weeks ago I purchased the cricut expression. I love it love it love it. It has opened up the world of scrapping especially combined with the cricut design studio. Whilst at the retreat I will be doing some fundraising for a member of Ed's family who is only 18 and has a nasty tumour in her liver. Kerri and Leisa have so kindly allowed me to do some fund raising so all those that are coming bring your loose change.The prize basket is getting nice and big with kind donations from Ronnie, Kaisercraft, Blue Bazzar, Susan from Stampin Up, Peata from Scrapbook crazy. Thank you very much for your kind donations. Last Saturday the 12th April we went up to Sommerset Dam. It was a really nice day the kids had fun being towed behind the boat in the inflated toys. Allison had a go and screamed the whole dam down. I have done a few layouts which I will post. Even Andrew had a go plaster and all. Mum put a plastic bag on his arm (yeah right like that was going to stop the water from getting in) but he had a great time. Anyway that is about all I will try and be better I promise lol. I will leave you with a few layouts. So till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to their upright position and have a nice day"