Saturday, February 09, 2008

Well wasn't that a nice little downpour on Wednesday. I thought we were going to float away. Just thought I would share a couple of photos of "during" and "after" that little downpour. This is the creek beside us. Major flooding occurred down the road from us we where really lucky.



So till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to their upright position and have a nice day"

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Girls have you ever had the problem of trying to pick out cardstock for you Pattern Papers. Ok I will rephrase the question "I have problems picking out cardstock for PP" LOL. Well I did a bit of research on the web yesterday and found this website that has already done that (I am sooo sorry but I have no idea which website it is now)so I have "borrowed" her information and put it here (if I ever find the website again I will give proper credit)so print out the information and stick it in your hand bag so that next time you go scrap shopping you will now exactly what cardstock to purchase for your PP.
American CraftsCelebration: cheddar, teal/op, berrylicious

Autumn Leaves
Foliage: Lime Crush, Apple Crush, Pear Crush, Breathtaking, Whirlpool, Rain

Basic Grey
Blush: Battenburg, Tickled Pink , Dark Tangerine, Marichino, Ruby Slipper, Dragon Fly, Aqua, Julep, Java, Pinecone
Figgy Pudding: Pomegranate, Mud Pie, Grove, Cottonwood, Whirlpool, French Silk, Bottle Glass, Gumbo, Java , Thyme
Infuse: Mud Pie, Red Rock, Ruby Red, Piglet, Blossom, Cream Puff, French Silk, Witch Hazel, Lily Pad, Ivy
Mellow: Snow, Brown, Parakeet, Palo Verde, Reed, Sunbeam, Sugar Cookie, Yam, Haley, Icy Blue
Obscure: teal op, hazard, flamingo, & grass green, Buttercream, Bazzill Yellow. Festive, Light Tangerine Flamingo, Chablis, Julep, Navajo, Turquoise Mist
Periphery: stonehedge, london fog, green tea, palo verde, Black, Simon, Jacaranda, Sea Salt, Sprout, Green Tea, Dark Chocolate, White
Recess: fern, sienna, black, light fawn, Trout, Black, Lakeshore, Bahama, Nathan, Yam, Desert Sun
Scarlet's Letter: Cinnamon Stick, Maraschino, Palo Verde, Platinum, Raven, Lily Pad, Nor' Easter, Witch Hazel, Quicksand, Tapioca
Two Scoops: Tickled Pink, Daisy, Rain, Nathan, Aqua, Ruby Red

Cosmo Cricket

Be Good: fern, pomegranate, london fog
Dutch Girl: grenadine, KI sea breeze, witch hazel, tapioca
Gretel: haley, saddle, french silk
Halfway Café: julep, maraschino, forest, rosemary, seaspray
Hey Sugar: whirlpool, barkley, ruby red, dark tangerine, french silk

Crate Paper
Avenue: raven, pistachio, hazel, french vanilla, pear, harvest
Baby Bee: cantaloupe, horizonz, sea breeze, butter cream, white, lily pond
Birdie: patina, quicksand, limeade, keylime, sugar cookie, fawn
Brunch: maraschino, sparrow, powder blue, lima, bamboo, guacamole, apple green
Carnival: hopi, limeade, tickled pink, vibrant blue, dawn
Cowboy: cantaloupe, bark, apricot, buttercream, daisy, Kevin, elk, light sky
Cowgirl: powder, maraschino, quicksand, champagne, powder blue, KI powder, light chocolate
Crush: flower pot, sienna, hazel, sea salt, parakeet, straw, natural, brown, elk
Hampton: jetstream, starmist, misty, thunder, bark, light chocolate, nutmeg, lobster bisque
Holly: rum raisin, spice, honeydew, apple green, tapioca, candlelight, pistachio, turquoise mist
Kate: vanilla, malt, parakeet, lobster bisque, white
New Garden: sea breeze, sea salt, harvest, KI Lemonade, Missy, elephant, macintosh, lemonade
Samantha: grenadine, lagoon, whirlpool, sea salt, hazel, apple green, jelly, plumeria
Seaweed: hazel, palm, cinnamon stick, mocha, javelina
Taylor: KI powder, starmist, leapfrog, carob, avalanche
Twirl: parakeet, elk, piglet, lizard, pollen, dandelion, rootbeer
Zoom: pomegranate, skyline, evening sky, guacamole, leap frog, pear, lima bean, bamboo

Creative Imaginations Narratives:
Antique Medley: lemon lime, true teal, lava
Blue Bell: tropical, powder, turquoise mist, navy/op
Honeydew: kachina, limeade
Sweet Pea: romance, blossom, lady bug
Wildberry: slate blue, wildberry

Daisy Ds

Snowflakes & Holly: dark spruce, stonewash, crimson, brown
Paisley Sugarplum: splash/OP, red devil, patch

Dream Street
Delight: sea breeze/OP, watermelon
Forget-Me-Not: aztec, whirlpool, iced cocoa, wren, candelight
Gracie: powder/OP, fresh/OP, safari, serenade
Jack: french silk, light tangerine, powder blue, lizard, cream puff
Nostalgic: artic, cajun, fawn, hillary, java, marashnico, lily pad, powder blue, stonewash, walnut
Story of a Seed: blue, canvas, festive, harvest, maraschino, nutmeg, stonewash

Fancy Pants
True: Dark Burgandy, Apricot, Parakeet, Lakeshore, Quicksand
Botanical: Rose, Orange Crush, Lemonade/OP, Icy Blue, Mulberry, Spring Breeze
Sweet Pea: Piglet, Rose, Hot Pink, Apple Green, Ocean Blue, Light Tangerine, Fresh

Making Memories

Fresh Anthology Eliza: wildberry, pollen, blue
Fresh Anthology Sydney: dark denim, pollen, skyline
Travel: pear, dark spruce, lakeshore, barkley, hershey, light fawn

Winter Garden: lava, aqua, rosemary, bamboo, petalsoft

My Mind's Eye Bohemia 2
Bella: jetstream, sea salt, heidi, brown, coastal
Bliss: rosey, blossom, whirlpool, bitter chocolate
Boulevard: parakeet, admiral, wave
Bungalow: aztec, burning ember, seaspray, brown, clementine
Confetti Celebrate: olive/op, lily pad, north sea, admiral
Confetti Parade: admiral, blue, red hotaloe vera
Confetti Party: dark rosey, fire hearts, lagoon, lily pad
Confetti Surprise: tootsie, papaya, flamingo, lime crush, piglet
Festive Signature Christmas: barkley, rain, rusted, dark olive, seaspray, dark rosey, elm
Frost Signature Christmas: brown, navajo, ocean blue
Out & About 1: pickle, saltillo, dark rosey, sugar daddy
Out & About II: strawberry, bamboo, lima bean, sea breeze, seaspray

Piggy Tales
Gretel: posie pink, pinata, aqua, camouflage, fresh, haley, saddle, french silk
Hansel: kevin, slate blue, boogieboard, apple green, papaya
Jack & Jill: green tea, light sky, light burgundy, red hot

Rhonna Farrer

French Twist: berry sensation, lime crush, hopi, whirlpool

Lass Blue Boutique: starmist, lakeshore, maraschino
Felicity: grape, berrylicious, bouquet, pomegranate, purple pizazz, french silk
Indian Summer: lava, french silk,cajun, erie, saltillo, red robin, festive
Scrumptious: kevin, piglet, ruby red, limeade/CC, starmist, maraschino, hazard

Scenic Route
Ashville: african daisy, parakeet, mocha divine, tanner, starmist, green tea, saltillo
Belleville: KI Olive, KI navy, KI Powder, KI Boogieboard
Brighton: Romance, leapfrog, KI Olive, Lava, Starmist
Charlotte: Grass Green, Navajo, Green Apple, Hershey, French Vanilla, Lava, Flamingo
Festivale: limeade, pomegranate, julep, cameo, starmist, hillary, carrot cake
Hampton: festive, berry blush
Harvest: marigold, yam, cajun, sprout, lily pad, gecko, mocha divine
Laurel: rose, KI pinata, bloom, lily pad, jet stream,
Newport: Hazel, Parakeet, Mocha Divine, Sprout, Saltillo, Arizona, Casa
North Shore: Baby Blue, Parakeet, Carrot Cake, Admiral, Ruby Slipper, Hershey, Bazzill White
Metropolis: parakeet, icy blue, blue oasis, sea salt, festive
Rockland: sea breeze, artic, olive/OP, red devil
Salem: lily pad, olive/OP, red rock carrot cake, apricot
Sentimental: Sweetheart, Arizona, Apricot, Blossom, Saltillo, Sprout, Flamingo
Sumner: blue oasis, buttercup, palo verde, yellowstone, burning ember, tanner, mocha divine

All About Me: parakeet, nightmist, harvest
Squeeze: dark tangerine, hillary, dark black, cocoa butter, pomegranate.
I hope this little list is helpful to you.
So till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to their upright position and have a nice day"