Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It is with such a heavy heavy heart that I write this post. My beloved pet cockatiel "Mr Birdles" aka "Bird" died yesterday afternoon. No sure of what he died from but he did hurt herself rather badly last Friday. The vet said he had concussion but I believe that he also had some other internal injuries. He died in Andrews hand. I miss him soooo much I just can't stop crying. Please don't read this and think I am being stupid after all he was just a bird. God he had such a personality. I use to love the way he would get off his cage and come looking for me. I would always find him in my scrapbooking room. If I was outside he would stand at the door making such a racket to be let outside as well. He even tried to take on Bruce (the magpie) a few times. Bruce would look at him as if to say "You've got to be kidding" If Bruce would start to walk towards Birdles, Birdles would scurry back to me. He would also like to play hide and seek around the outdoor setting. he was my little buddy who would make me laugh and smile all the time. he was forever wanting his head scratched. I can't help feeling partly responsible for his dimise. Maybe if I had not of picked him up yesterday and maybe stirred up his injuries he would still be alive. Never again will I own a pet it just hurts to much when you loose them. They are so helpless and they depend on you to look after them and keep them safe. Well my little friend I am going to miss you so so much thank you for touching my heart and making me laugh and smile. You know how the sign off goes. I will leave you with my final layout of "Mr Birdles"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh boy whata bad blogger I became.Alright lets play catch up in point form.
*We have been in the house now for nearly 3 months.
*Baby Magpie is out of the nest.He/she is soooo cute. Raymond (last seasons baby) has been acting really silly lately.coming into the backyard and wanting Bruce to feed him very bizarre as he as been getting his own food. But it is so cute when he flaps his wings and cries to be fed.
* Bruce the magpie can talk. Yes I kid you not. I was in the bedroom yesterday and could hear him in the tree talking like a magpie next I heard a cockatoo and then the cockatoo saying "hello" I thought Bruce was in the tree with a cocky when I looked out the window no cockatoo just Bruce. Then the cockatoo noises started again with the "hello" and whistling and fair enough it was Bruce. Ed said he was doing that at the back door the other day. So yes folk Magpies can talk.
*Have been playing over at 2 croppin cousinz. They are having an October competition to celebrate Halloween. I have had a great time entered some nice layouts which I was happy with. Some of the girls from Scrapbook City have also been playing and are doing fantastically not to drop names Trudi and Kerryn lol.
* Mr birdles gave himself a bit of concussion yesterday by sort of falling off his cage -daft bird- so that resulted in a trip to the vet and $50 poorer.But he is my baby and I don't want to loose him yet.
*Went down to Laurieton a couple of weeks ago to see Dad and Joy. WOW what a great place talk about sea change. Given half a chance I would be living down there it is so nice and calming with mountains in the background and ocean on the doorstep.
*Tonight I am going out to dinner with Carole, Lauren, Niss & Ronnie it will be nice to see them again.
Well that is about all so I will leave you with some photos. I will post layouts next time. So till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to their upright position and have a nice day"