Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's Saturday night and I am just waiting to go to work. I have been selected for jury duty AGAIN on Monday. I think I will ring up and explain that I have worked all night and maybe they will let me off. Jody and I went to the festival on Friday and had not even got in front door and I thought I saw someone I knew and this little face turned around in the pram and yep I was sure it was the person I thought... Sara P. Recognised little Nicholas straight away from all the beautiful layouts his mum does. It was a great show caught up with San and Sue and Kerri & Leisa. Oh the new clear stamps are awesome I could only afford the Little ones I think they were from lil Davis can't be sure but they were nice anyway. Jodes spent heaps I have never seen anyone be consumed by scrapbooking like her she is way worse than me and Deb. But I do so love to see someone so passionate about this hobby. Anyway I had better away to work and save some lives lol. Till next time thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to the upright position and have a nice day"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well it is Thursday night and I am absolutely exhausted. Lets have a little recap of my week. Hey stop yawning I have not even started yet. quiet nights.Friday, Saturday & Sunday night duty were veryqiet Monday on the other hand was rather busy. This was not helped by the fact that I had to do Jury Duty on Tuesday and yes I was chosen to sit on the panel. It was such a stupid case that was a total waste of everyone's time. But we made the defendant happy by making him not guilty. That took up Tuesday and Wednesday the prosecutor and the defense team were both very yummy men reowh. My sleep pattern for these 2 days was all over the place. I was so tired that I took today off. and spent most of it on the couch now i get to start the process all over again tomorrow as I start night duty again. My luck I will get picked again for some case next week. Mum had free tickets for a gold class movie so we went and saw 'Wild hogs" this evening. It was quite funny and the seating was supberb. That is about all I will leave you with some of the BTP things I have made this week. The first one is a bigger version of the exploding box from Alicia's class I did this one for Carnarvon Gorge. The second one is a photo album I made for some of my cruise photos. The idea for album came from my LSS and the ladies name is Debi I just did a few minor changes to it. Anyway that is about it take care and thank you for reading 'Ravings Of A Lunatic" please return your seat and tray table to their upright positions and have a nice day

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another nice quiet night at work and I was able to finish off my reality scrap layout for week 5. It was a night tinged with sadness as we found out that the son of one of the girls that use to work with us was killed in the early hours of Saturday morning on his motorbike. He was only 26. Liz use to be an EN and like me she went to Uni about 5 years ago to do her nursing degree. During this time her daughter decided to get pregnant and then decided it was too hard to look after the baby so Liz took the baby. Then the daughter decided to get pregnant again. Same thing happened so Liz at 44 was not only doing Uni and working she is also raising her grandchildren they are about 5 & 3. Now she has lost her son how much hardship does this woman have to put up with. Anyway that is about it for now. As usual thank you for reading 'Ravings of A lunatic" please return your tray tables to their upright position and have a nice day


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Was on Night duty last night and we were not disturbed all night which was good because I found some of my Mojo hiding in the Tuturial Room. I managed to do 2 layouts one I like quite a lot and the other one I am happy with. I am going to post the holiday layouts I have done so far. Deb and Jody and families went camping this weekend I really wanted to go but Ed had to work so I volunteered to work the night shift over the weekend. Its ok we will all be together at Easter. This Easter we are going to Cania Gorge. I have not finished scrapping last Easters photos yet. "The City" is still down bummer. Ok that is about all for the moment Thank you for reading "The Ravings of A Lunatic, please return your trays to their upright position and have a nice day"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

went scrapping down at Jody's place with Debbie today. Finally got some photos of Jody's work. Please keep in mind she has only been scrapping for about a month. Jody also does cake decorating so she is a very creative lassy. Enjoy her layouts, I do

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You can tell I am bored as this is the third or fourth time in a week that I have blogged. Scrapbook City is still down and I am lost and roaming around cyberspace looking for something to do.I've even read everyones blog on my list at least twice a day.
It was one of my days off today and off to Jury Duty I go. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally at 12md the judge dismisses us sending his appologies the defendant took a plea I did not even get into the court room. Oh well. I am not needed tomorrow so I get to scrap yippy. Mojo is slowing returning but not doing anything spectacular. I have completed 3 layouts know from my holiday pics. I have decided that there are going to be alot of flip photos as scrapping 110 photos is a daunting job lol. I will post the layouts that I have done tomorrow when the sun is out. Anyway might go to bed. Thank you for reading "Ravings of a Lunatic, please return your tray tables to their upright position and have a nice day"
I found this little bit of fun on Melanie H's blog site "throughoureyes"
I like the first one but I am abit worried about looking like Brendan Fraser. Oh well so who do YOU look like lol
Well will you look at this I am making a 2nd post in less than a week woohoo. Ok well I did not get selected for Jury Duty today so I had to go back to work this afternoon. Lord it felt like I had not been away. It was a rather busy night so I was kept well occupied. I have now got 3 days off yess I hear you say she only got back from holidays but I get lucky enough to have to work the weekend well the next THREE weekends actually and wouldn't you believe it I get selected to go for Jury Duty tomorrow. Well done Jen is all I can say. Oh I am still having trouble with my scrapping MOJO but I have managed to start 2 holiday layouts, just 109 more photos to go lol. Thank you for reading "Ravings of a Lunatic please return your tray tables to their upright position and have a nice day"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today Kylie(from Emerald)came for a visit and finally bought wee Carter. He is 14 weeks today. He is sooooooo cute and I got some great scrapping photos. Well it is back to work on Monday yuk yuk yuk.
I have been selected for Jury Duty for the next 3 weeks so each day I have to ring up to see if I am needed for the next day. Scrapbook City forum is down at present I hope it isn't hackers again. Can't these miserable people find something more constructive and less destructive to do. I have finally played catch up with my layouts. At least I managed to get it uploaded before the site went down. Anyway I am going to go an scrap some of my holiday photos. Still having trouble with my scrapping MoJo. Thank you for reading "Ravings of a Lunatic" please return your trays to there upright position and have a nice day