Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well we got back from our cruise on Wednesday morning. We had such a good time. The places we visited were Noumea (not a fan of Noumea).Lifou is a little island that belongs to New Caledonia. They had a little market on the island (very expensive for nick-naks)and displayed some traditional dancing and basket and hat weaving very clever.Next stop was Mystery Island absolutely beautiful. We walked around the island went through the markets and then just fell into the water it was simply divine. The next place was Vila (love Vila) the people are so friendly but apparently the government is extremely corrupt and basically the people are on their own. only about 10km of approx 150km is bitumen the rest is dirt road. It was a real eye opener. We went for a canoe ride up a river to a village and was greeted by the chief and warriors. They did some traditional dancing it was great then back for some duty free shopping. The next stop was Champagne Bay, so lovely. Markets all along the beach front (great prices for nick-naks) It gets the name Champagne Bay from the natural spring that runs into the ocean and at low tide apparently you can see little bubbles coming up hence the name Champagne Bay. Then we sailed home. The entertainment was wonderful and the food was out of this world and sooooooo much of it. We also had a win on the roulette on the last 2 nights. Well that is about it in a nut shell all in all a fabulous time can't wait for the next one. Enjoy looking at the photos till next time thank you for reading "ravings of a lunatice" please return your tray to their upright position and have a nice day

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh dear lord will you look how long ago I updated. Bad Lunatic Bad Lunatic. okay what has been happening. Well not too much excitement. I have gotten 2 more people interested in scrapbooking one of them who has only been scrapping now for about 3 weeks and boy is she doing fantastic work I will get some photos soon and put them up and my boss is also interested I have done a couple of layouts for her I think I only took one photo, will have to take photos of the others. Deb is continuing to also do excellent work I will also put up some of debs work as well I am so proud of these girls that have taken on my passion with such passion of their own unfortunately I don't think I will be too popular with their husbands lol. Okay that is one catch up down lol.

I must say a great big thank you to Sandra for my lovely new banner. THANKS SAN