Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Part 3 of exciting news

well after a couple of years and heaps and heaps of money. Sharryn and Vince have finally been accepted by the intercountry adoption agency to be new parents of a beautiful little girl born on the 30th October, 2007. She was born in Taiwan and her name will be Mia Wen-Lin. Lets just hope the final adoption process goes quickly for them and they can bring home their little girl soon.

part 2 of exciting events in my life

Ok I am determined to update this blog if it kills me. Alright the next exciting event in my life was the Scrapbook City Retreat. Good lord I had soooooo much fun and was just wonderful. I did not finish all the projects and only had minimal sleep but I can't wait to go back next year. Congrats to Kerrie and Leisa great effort and it was so worth the money. I did not take any photos but I will upload some of the work I did. Also whilst we are on the scrapbooking scene a big congratulations to Sandra Gerdes my friend who became a Master. See I told you you could do it. Also a big congrats to Carole Jansen who also became a Master. Terri, Dee, Alicia also got Honourable Mentions. Go girls. One day hopefully my name will be on that list.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Were have I been

Good lordy, it was October the last time I blogged. Looks like I need to play catch up. Ok lets bypass the boring stuff and try and find some interesting goings on in my life -good grief who am I kidding. 3 major exciting things have happened recently.

1. I got invited to the Tri-nations Brisbane rugby league game. I was able to sit in a corporate box and eat and drink all I liked -big mistake- then after the game we were able to go down to the locker room (there were 4 of us) and meet the players. Let me tell you that it is not really a good idea to wear a Rugby jersey when you are at a league game. Well dear one did not tell me that his jersey was rugby (hahahaha he was in Gladstone poor bugger) but I did get lots of photos man is Willy Mason one BIG dude. Mind you I think there is now a wanted poster in the locker room with my photo on it that states"Do not let this mad women anywear near the players" well don't supply he with free booze hehehe. I will post some of the photos from the game up and then start another post with #2 exciting event in Jenny's life