Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well three weeks have been and are about to go. I am back at work on Tuesday rats. I have had a rather busy time the last 3 weeks. Have done quite a bit of scrapping and played the game "out and about" that is where I get in my car and travel to places where people will have me. Unfortunately I was unable to catch up with Leisa T. Sorry Leisa. Lets see...what has been happening of late. Andrew (15) has left school well it was a mutual decision between him and the school. 3 days later he found a full time job working for a company called Prehung Doors. So far so good he is also still working at Coles 12 hours a week so I feel pretty proud. The only unfortunate problem starting to occur is attitude I try not to react to badly because I do realize this is part of the pathway through adolescent. I do fire up when he goes too far but most of the time I just try and let it go. The birds have laid 5 eggs and are being such wonderful parents(fingers crossed that they start hatching next weekend)Jess does his fair share of egg sitting. My "Feel Good About Yourself" moment this week goes to Sandra G. San you have inspired me many many times with your beautiful layouts you should feel proud of yourself. Well that is about it for this week/s thank you for reading "Ravings Of A Lunatic" please return your tray tables to their upright position and have a nice day.