Saturday, September 16, 2006

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Well isn't it a glorious day. The rain is coming down and I am on 3 weeks holiday. What intensely interesting things have been happening to me lately. ummm.. errrr. gee nothing really wait I lie. My baby boy (whose 15) has left school and got himself a full time job I am so proud of him so now he is working 38hrs/week as well has his 12hrs with coles. He works more hours than Ed and myself. character building I say its all character building besides he has expensive taste. What else did I tell you I was on holidays hhehehe. Well Debbie finally gets home tonight yippee. That girl is never leaving the country again or if she does she will be taking me. Scrap club at Leones place was great the other night it is so much fun catching up with the girls and just talking and scrapping and eating wicked food. My friend who is adopting from overseas has given me the adoption album to fix up as I have to change it from South Korea to Taiwan. There is about 8 layouts that need to be changed and I have run out of UnDu. Have to go and get some more I think it will save me alot of time if I can just remove the parts that need to be corrected instead of doing the whole layout again. Ok who will be this weeks "Feel Good About Yourself" recipient let me see. Ok this weeks recipient is Jenny W from Sydney. Jenny has been a very busy girl lately what with her new job and on top of that she is busy organizing swaps for us Onya Jenny. You are doing a fantastic job and we sincerely thank you for it. Anyway that is it for this week. Thank you for reading "Ravings of a Lunatic" please put your tray tables back into their upright position and have a nice day...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

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Lets Play catch up Part 2

Last weekend we went down to Jacobs Well as it was Eddie's dad's 10th anniversary of his death. So we went down and did the flowers in the water bit. When he passed away the Air & Sea Rescue people took Ed and his family down to his dad's favourite fishing spot so they could spread his ashes so you could say that Ed's dad "is swimming with the fishes"

Lets play catch up

okay okay I,m not real good at blogging. Alright what has been happening lately. I am missing Debbie terribly at the moment and according to her SMS's I think she would rather be at home. This trip was 2 years in the planing and a lot of money lets hope it has not been as bad as it sounds. I having been scrapping up a storm lately some I am really happy with others well not so happy.I so enjoyed the Scrapbook City cybercrop the other night. The only problem was that I was too busy "talking" that I was unable to scrap. I did manage to complete 2 of the layouts.