Friday, June 09, 2006

Slack Rat that I am

I am so lazy when it comes to blogging. But i suppose you really need something to blog first lol. Well not alot has been happening I am getting really excited about tomorrow (Sat 10th) I get to unveil my album then next Thursday I turn 40 ohh I don't know whether to celebrate or run and hide. Tomorrow we are getting Freyer and taking her to the BBQ then she will stay the night before going to her mums on Sunday. We had her last Sunday and she was really good she had all the meals she was suppose to and her behaviour was excellent I hope that she does the same this weekend. I realize that her current attitude may not last long and she could revert back to not eating but hey we will take any positive.
I got an early start this week for the Cybercrop and have finished and uploaded it to the gallery this morning.Well that is it for the moment. I have read a few blogs and have noticed that the name Jenny has been mentioned at the end in regards to tagging if that is referring to me could people just say True Blue I will know it is me as there are alot of Jenny's and I would hate to presume something that was not intended for me. Till next time