Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clever Little Chicken

Well I learnt how to create a new banner for my blog. thanks Sara you where a great help. I can now do layers which always tricked me up but I have it conquered now yet again Thanks Sara. The banner looks a bit big but when I get a few hours up my sleeve I will do a bit of tweaking.Made a journey out to the Boondocks last night to Peta's undercover underwear party. I finally got my dressing gown that I have been looking for and it only cost me $46. I have also booked a party so that should be fun. Things are just cruising along for us at the moment which is a nice change. I have to do a scrapbooking wedding album for a girl at work and also a couple of layouts for another girl who has just lost her teenage daughter that is going to be difficult to do. I can't wait to get this months SM mag as I want to check out the masters comp. Well that is about all. "Thank you for reading "Ravings of a lunatic", please secure your tray table and return your seats to the upright position and have a nice day"