Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Part 3 of exciting news

well after a couple of years and heaps and heaps of money. Sharryn and Vince have finally been accepted by the intercountry adoption agency to be new parents of a beautiful little girl born on the 30th October, 2007. She was born in Taiwan and her name will be Mia Wen-Lin. Lets just hope the final adoption process goes quickly for them and they can bring home their little girl soon.

part 2 of exciting events in my life

Ok I am determined to update this blog if it kills me. Alright the next exciting event in my life was the Scrapbook City Retreat. Good lord I had soooooo much fun and was just wonderful. I did not finish all the projects and only had minimal sleep but I can't wait to go back next year. Congrats to Kerrie and Leisa great effort and it was so worth the money. I did not take any photos but I will upload some of the work I did. Also whilst we are on the scrapbooking scene a big congratulations to Sandra Gerdes my friend who became a Master. See I told you you could do it. Also a big congrats to Carole Jansen who also became a Master. Terri, Dee, Alicia also got Honourable Mentions. Go girls. One day hopefully my name will be on that list.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Were have I been

Good lordy, it was October the last time I blogged. Looks like I need to play catch up. Ok lets bypass the boring stuff and try and find some interesting goings on in my life -good grief who am I kidding. 3 major exciting things have happened recently.

1. I got invited to the Tri-nations Brisbane rugby league game. I was able to sit in a corporate box and eat and drink all I liked -big mistake- then after the game we were able to go down to the locker room (there were 4 of us) and meet the players. Let me tell you that it is not really a good idea to wear a Rugby jersey when you are at a league game. Well dear one did not tell me that his jersey was rugby (hahahaha he was in Gladstone poor bugger) but I did get lots of photos man is Willy Mason one BIG dude. Mind you I think there is now a wanted poster in the locker room with my photo on it that states"Do not let this mad women anywear near the players" well don't supply he with free booze hehehe. I will post some of the photos from the game up and then start another post with #2 exciting event in Jenny's life

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well three weeks have been and are about to go. I am back at work on Tuesday rats. I have had a rather busy time the last 3 weeks. Have done quite a bit of scrapping and played the game "out and about" that is where I get in my car and travel to places where people will have me. Unfortunately I was unable to catch up with Leisa T. Sorry Leisa. Lets see...what has been happening of late. Andrew (15) has left school well it was a mutual decision between him and the school. 3 days later he found a full time job working for a company called Prehung Doors. So far so good he is also still working at Coles 12 hours a week so I feel pretty proud. The only unfortunate problem starting to occur is attitude I try not to react to badly because I do realize this is part of the pathway through adolescent. I do fire up when he goes too far but most of the time I just try and let it go. The birds have laid 5 eggs and are being such wonderful parents(fingers crossed that they start hatching next weekend)Jess does his fair share of egg sitting. My "Feel Good About Yourself" moment this week goes to Sandra G. San you have inspired me many many times with your beautiful layouts you should feel proud of yourself. Well that is about it for this week/s thank you for reading "Ravings Of A Lunatic" please return your tray tables to their upright position and have a nice day.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Recent layouts

Well isn't it a glorious day. The rain is coming down and I am on 3 weeks holiday. What intensely interesting things have been happening to me lately. ummm.. errrr. gee nothing really wait I lie. My baby boy (whose 15) has left school and got himself a full time job I am so proud of him so now he is working 38hrs/week as well has his 12hrs with coles. He works more hours than Ed and myself. character building I say its all character building besides he has expensive taste. What else did I tell you I was on holidays hhehehe. Well Debbie finally gets home tonight yippee. That girl is never leaving the country again or if she does she will be taking me. Scrap club at Leones place was great the other night it is so much fun catching up with the girls and just talking and scrapping and eating wicked food. My friend who is adopting from overseas has given me the adoption album to fix up as I have to change it from South Korea to Taiwan. There is about 8 layouts that need to be changed and I have run out of UnDu. Have to go and get some more I think it will save me alot of time if I can just remove the parts that need to be corrected instead of doing the whole layout again. Ok who will be this weeks "Feel Good About Yourself" recipient let me see. Ok this weeks recipient is Jenny W from Sydney. Jenny has been a very busy girl lately what with her new job and on top of that she is busy organizing swaps for us Onya Jenny. You are doing a fantastic job and we sincerely thank you for it. Anyway that is it for this week. Thank you for reading "Ravings of a Lunatic" please put your tray tables back into their upright position and have a nice day...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Latest Layouts

These are some of my latest layouts

Lets Play catch up Part 2

Last weekend we went down to Jacobs Well as it was Eddie's dad's 10th anniversary of his death. So we went down and did the flowers in the water bit. When he passed away the Air & Sea Rescue people took Ed and his family down to his dad's favourite fishing spot so they could spread his ashes so you could say that Ed's dad "is swimming with the fishes"

Lets play catch up

okay okay I,m not real good at blogging. Alright what has been happening lately. I am missing Debbie terribly at the moment and according to her SMS's I think she would rather be at home. This trip was 2 years in the planing and a lot of money lets hope it has not been as bad as it sounds. I having been scrapping up a storm lately some I am really happy with others well not so happy.I so enjoyed the Scrapbook City cybercrop the other night. The only problem was that I was too busy "talking" that I was unable to scrap. I did manage to complete 2 of the layouts.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yay I fixed my Banner

I finally got around to fixing my Banner. It is still not perfect but it is better than it was (Well I think so anyway lol). What did I get up to over the weekend. As per usual not much. I am slowly making my way through the Wedding album for the girl at work I will be glad to finish. I can't wait to get back to just scrapping the one project instead of 15 or so in a series. It really does put a mental strain on creativity. I girlfriend Debbie left to go on holidays back home to the UK yesterday. What am I going to do for 4weeks and 5 days while she is away. Anyway she has made it safely to Heathrow lets just hope she gets out of the airport alive lol. I have decided to do a special mention each week (If I remember) I am going to call it "Jenny's Feel Good About Yourself Moment". Our first "Feel Good About Yourself moment" goes to Carole Janson (Gladstone..Rocks). Carole I so love your work the "Cutie Pie" layout is spectacular and I love the way you do the flowers. You made me go out and buy all this PP with big flowers all over them lol. I hope you enjoy your "Moment". I finished my "Sweet Boy" layout from Friday Nights crop. I quite like it just wondering if I should add some journalling. If anyone has any ideas please don't hesitate to let me know. Well thats it. 3 more days of work then it is scrapping time. Going to a Scrap at Hope's place on Saturday night. I love going to crops.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Scrap night

This is a short post today as nothing of great importance happened this week. I went to Scrapbook City last night for a crop and met both Kerri & Leisa who run Scrapbook City lovely ladies and very helpful. I also met up with Kaye. Great to see you lovey. On the Masters front, well there was no phone call Oh well better luck next time. So I can upload my layouts now. Anyway sooner I finish here the quicker I can start scrapping. till next time. Thank you for reading 'Ravings of a Lunatic' please put your tray tables into their upright position and have a nice day

Thanks Alot Peta

I've been tagged by Peta, so here goes:

Four Jobs I’ve Had :
1) Checkout chick
2) Secretary
3) Nurse
4) Mother

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over :
1) Abyss
2) Scary Movies 1,2 & 3
3) The American President
4) Pirates of the Carribean

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch :
1) Law & Order (All of them)
2) Rockstar Supernova
3) DIY Scrapbooking
4) Star Trek Voyager

Four Important things to me :
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Scrapping
4) Wine

Four Tunes That Play In My Head :
1) Anything 80's
2) Anything 70's

Favorite Food Dishes :
1) Roast Lamb
2) Steak
3) Chocolate
4) Real Italian Gellati

Four Websites I Visit Daily :
1) Email
2) SAM
3) Scrapbook City
4) Blogs

Four Scrap company's I like :
1) Hiedi Swapp
2) Bazzill
3) Making Memories
4) Basic Gray

Four Favorite Colours :
1) Pinks
2) Blues
3) Yellow

Four bloggers to tag:
1) Sara P
2) Leisa T
3) Leone
4) Amanda
This is the first time I have been tagged. So I hope I did it right

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Photos from Saturday Night (5th Aug, 2006)

Having trouble uploading photos so I am going to try in a new post.These are from Scrap Club Saturday Night

Monday, August 07, 2006

Oh God I am a goose

We had our Scrap Club meet at my place on Saturday night and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed myself and met a new member Amanda nice to meet you lovey. During the night it came up about blogs and some of the girls were saying to me that they could not leave comments on my blog. Here I was thinking that no one was reading it so I had not bothered to write alot well guys I think I have fixed that problem so feel free to comment. The weekend was a good weekend for Ed ( I was sleeping most of the time due to Night duty) Freyer stayed until this morning (Monday) she was great over the whole weekend. She ate all her meals and snacks without a fuss. We are slowing getting somewhere but I am not daft enough to believe that we are anywhere near ready to join the human race. If she was to come home I know that she would probably be good for a little while but then the same old cycle would start again. So we are just happy to have her here weekends she spends one weekend with her mum and one weekend with us. I have attached some photos from Saturday night and also the layout I did of "Madam". Well I have to go to get ready to go to work so will catch up soon bye and thanks for reading "Ravings of a Lunatic" "please put your trays in the upright position and have a nice day"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Birthday Weekend Away

My delightful husband Ed took me away for 3 nights down to the Gold Coast. We had a great time eating drinking and taking in the sights. I had a surprise 2 hour massage, a trip to South Stradbroke Island and a trip up the fantastic Q1 Tower in Surfers Paradise. I was really excited about the photos I took at dusk from the top on the 77th floor.

Catch up part 2

I got so excited about talking about my 40th that I forgot to mention my beautiful album I got. For those who don't know. I am an avid participant of Scrapbooks And More affectionately known as SAM. I asked on the online forum if people would do a layout for me for my birthday. Well I got a fantastic response 26 fabulous ladies contibuted to my album. The following photos are from Forest Lake the day I received my album with fellow SAM girls Jo, Milly & Terri thanks girls.

Also displayed are some of the photos from the album. Not all of them just a select few